CSMDA Family

CSMDA Family

Our State of the art facility is designed for the safety of our dancers. Center Stage Miami Dance Academy stands upon morals and values that will help all students who walk through those doors realize they can be stars no matter where they go. All it takes is a little bit of confidence, discipline, and lots of creativity.

Our goal to nurture and encourage each and every child to do their best. Here at the academy we will instill every bit of those ingredients to help all students believe in themselves so they may become the dancers they’ve always dreamed of. We believe in an atmosphere of family and friendship where everyone is important.

The academy is not only run by experienced dance instructors, but by certified teachers who have gone through intensive training to work well with children and ensure that everyone gets the most out of each class. Therefore, get up, put on your dancing shoes, because this is the place to get you moving right through the red carpet and into the spotlight!

At CSMDA, we educate our students in classical dance technique, but more importantly we cultivate an appreciation for the culture, the history, the music and the live theatre experience that transforms dance movement into performing arts.

Our disciplined training enables all students to strengthen their bodies and minds, which in turn nurture healthy self-esteem, focus and balance in many facets of life.

We are very unique among dance schools in Miami Dade County in many important ways:

  • We offer performance opportunities for all students. 
  • We limit our class sizes to ensure students are given the individual attention they deserve to thrive technically and creatively. 
  • Our esteemed faculty and guest instructors hail from the most prestigious dance companies around the world. 
  • Our disciplined training, coupled with main stage performance experience produces world-class dancers. 

Our passion is to inspire all of our students to discover the artistry that lives within them and in doing so, enriching their lives with beauty and harmony for many years to come.

  • Classes are affordable and provided at all levels in jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop, flamenco and belly dancing. They are offered six days a week, at various times.
  • While having fun dancing, students develop physical fitness, self-discipline, social skills, sportsmanship, respect, and responsibility.
  • Students are encouraged to reach their highest level of skill through individualized attention.