Flamenco is dance style of the Andalusia Gypsies characterized by forceful, often improvised rhythms. Flamenco is known by the grace movement of the hands as well as the controlled rhythmical movements of the feet. Flamenco is considered a Spanish genre of music and dance, which originated in the 18th century. The singing, guitar playing and the dance are the principal facets of Flamenco. In recent years the popularity of flamenco in Latin America is such that in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama and El Salvador several ensembles and today Flamenco has grown to be one most popular dance styles.

Class Attire

Black leotard, black & white flamenco skirt, tan tight, Castañuelas and Flamenco shoes. Hair in a bun.


  • Flamenco I for Ages 5-6

  • Flamenco II for Ages 7-9

  • Flamenco III for Ages 10-15

  • Flamenco IV for Ages 16-18

  • Flamenco Open for Ages 19 & up