Class Attendance

Students shall be punctual to all classes. If a student is late more than 15 minutes, the Teacher has the right not to accept the student in class. Coming in the classroom while class is conducted disrupts the Teacher. Please be considerate and try to be on time. If classroom doors are locked, please report to the front desk and a clerk or assistant will take student to class.

Make Up Classes

We encourage students to attend their regularly scheduled classes, however, we understand that emergencies do occur and they may miss some classes. All missed classes may be made up within 30 days from the day of absence. NO CREDITS/NOR REFUNDS will be issued for any missed classes.

Holidays are not made up. We do not charge extra when the month has five classes, so one compensates the other.

Picking Up Your Child

For the safety of the student, parents must personally come in the studio to pick them up. No student will be allowed to wait outside or out of the studio to a car honking outside. Students waiting to be picked up may wait in the hallways.
Parents are welcomed to wait in the lobby area for the student to finish class. You may watch the class through the monitors in the lobby area.

Student Dismissal

Center Stage Miami Dance Academy reserves the right to dismiss a student for insubordination, missing scheduled rehearsals, being constantly late to class, or late with payments. Teachers may take students out of class if they are not properly dressed, hair is not properly done, or being disruptive in class.

No Jewelry, No T-Shirts or Jeans

Jewelry is never worn to dance class and Teacher may ask students to remove jewelry while taking class. Small earrings are acceptable. The studio will not be responsible if jewelry is lost while taking class. Teacher may not accept a student in class if not wearing proper attire and hair not done properly.


All ballet students must wear their hair back in a neat bun. We keep hair supplies at the front desk in case a student needs them.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are not allowed in class. They must be turned off before class or lessons begin.


Any student participating in a Center Stage Miami Dance Academy class and/or event takes certain incumbent risks. These include but are not limited to sprains, pulled muscles, and broken bones. Participation in class and/or events indicates the acceptance of these risks by attendees and their parents and/or guardians. Center Stage Miami Dance Academy assumes no responsibility for personal injury or property loss at the dance studios or any of its events.